Top 10 Strategies To Increase Your Traffic

By Victor Tejedor

If you manage an online business website or an e-commerce site, you need to attract visitors interested in your products and services so you can convert them into customers. In the online market, it can be difficult to get high visibility and reach a big amount of users. That’s why rankingCoach has comprised the top 10 strategies to boost the traffic to your website!

1 # Optimize your on-page SEO

Optimizing your website for search engines like Google or Bing is the #1 rule to increase the traffic to your website. Thanks to this you will appear among the first positions in the search results for the keywords you work on and therefore online users will come by your site. To make this happen you need to make sure your pages target specific keywords or search terms that make you stand out from your competitors. You must include these keywords on the page body but also in most of your headlines. We also suggest writing these terms in the first paragraph.

2 # Create relevant content

The content is one of the main factors for Google to rate your website. If you get a goodrating, you will appear among the first positions in the search results and your visitors will increase significantly. For example, try to write interesting information about the products and services that you offer. Besides Google, writing relevant content will also make your current visitors come back to your site. If they read interesting information about interesting topics, they will return whenever they are looking for more interesting contents.

3 # Get referral traffic

Another advantage of writing relevant content is that other websites may refer to it in their own texts. If the texts written in your site are very explanatory, some other webmasters may use them as complementary information to the one they have. Of course, this will also provide you with high-quality links which are essential for your SEO strategy.

4 # Target long-tail keywords

To avoid the huge competition for some specific keywords, you’d better focus on the optimization for long-tail keywords. These are keywords formed by 3 or more terms, usually with lower competition. This means a big chance to increase your organic traffic! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, if I were to search for my services, what would I put into Google?

5 # Go social

No one will be surprised if we state that social media is essential to get more traffic to yoursite. Platforms as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are huge and have a huge amount of users. Posting interesting content, regularly on these media you might get some of these users redirected to your site.

6 # Fast website

Your website load time is another of the main factors considered by Google when it comes to deciding which position your site will appear. Make sure your images are not too big and your technological structure works properly to be as fast as you can. People don’t like to wait in general and your site is no different, if it takes more than a few moments to load, many users will simply leave straight away.

7 # Internal links

For a proper website structure, you need to build an internal links net between your different pages. If you redirect your user to other pages from your own website, you will keep them longer. This means you’ll have the chance to show them more products or messages and this will also be positively seen in the eyes of Google.

8 # Guest blogging

This an interesting strategy to get traffic redirected from other websites as well as to get quality backlinks. To do it you need to contact other webmasters in your domain and propose them an exchange of content. You will publish their content and links in your site while they will publish yours in theirs. It’s a win-win for both! As is the case in all areas of business, relationship building is very important. Guest blogging is a great method to build a mutually beneficial relationship with another website which you can then later expand upon.

9 # Check your performance

As in every domain, you need to check your progress to be able to modify it if needed. To do this, you should regularly check Google Analytics and grasp the most relevant information from the reports. For example, you can see the channel providing you with the most of your traffic and therefore implement a strategy to boost it. Checking the data can provide you with valuable insights and allow you to see what is working or not with your current approach.

10 # Advertise

Even if all the prior strategies were totally free, you cannot forget that advertising is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your traffic grow. Between all the possibilities, paid search advertising and social media ads are the most effective online. Paid search advertising will allow you to appear among the first search results no matter how good your optimization is. We suggest combining this technique with proper SEO optimization to get the most of both of them. Social media ads are really interesting since it provides amazing segmentation opportunities. Social media platforms know a lot of information about their users and you can choose a specific personal profile to which you want your ads to be delivered. Doing this your conversion rates should also increase among the traffic redirected from social media. Taking your business online can be hard work, luckily rankingCoach can help remove a lot of the stress and makes things much simpler. The DIY SEO tool is designed to help get you started and make the most of your online presence.

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